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Architectural Masonry Units

At S J Masonry, we’ve been working with architectural masonry units for over 20 years. Our expertise in concrete masonry units (CMU) allows us to provide efficient and high-quality results for clients throughout Lancaster, Delaware, Chester, and Montgomery counties. We understand the importance of safety and quality when it comes to commercial buildings, which is why we work closely with you to customize the CMUs according to your specifications.

What Is a CMU?

Referred to as CMUs, concrete blocks, or cinder blocks, concrete masonry units are precast rectangular blocks that are commonly utilized in various construction projects. They can either be solid or hollow and typically feature two or more cores. These units are widely used in the construction industry.

Architectural CMUs display a surface finish affecting that affects the texture of the unit, allowing the wall and finished surface to be installed in a single step. They find their use in retaining walls, partitions, and other types of enclosures. Certain units come with identical treatment or patterns on either side, making them ideal for use as both exterior and interior finish wall materials.

Manufactured to meet ASTM C-90 standard specification for loadbearing, structural CMUs are employed in construction scenarios where the walls of the building also serve a structural purpose. This type of CMU is engineered for durability and time efficiency and can cater to virtually any building design.

The Benefits of Concrete Masonry Units

CMUs are a popular choice among architects for a variety of reasons.

Explore the Possibilities

S J Masonry's expertise in architectural CMUs allows us to undertake a wide range of commercial projects.

For retail complexes, CMUs create visually striking exteriors that draw in customers. Our CMUs can be customized to match your branding aesthetics.

In the context of educational institutions, CMUs can result in resilient structures capable of withstanding years of heavy use. At the same time, they provide a contemporary, inviting atmosphere.

For office buildings, we can employ architectural CMUs in innovative ways to create efficient, appealing workplaces that also adhere to strict safety and durability standards.

Our CMUs can also be used in the construction of industrial warehouses, providing the essential strength and durability these structures demand.

No matter the type of scope of your project, we can customize and implement concrete masonry units to meet and exceed your expectations.

Why Choose S J Masonry for your Architectural Masonry Unit Project?

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