Founder & Owner
Sam Lapp
We started with one employee and myself,
we grew from there.

As a young boy, I worked alongside my dad in the masonry industry. Later when I established my own masonry business in 2008, my vision was driven by the fact that I knew I could bring peoples dreams to reality.

I realized at the beginning of starting this company that it’s best to begin small, and grow from there. So we started with one employee and myself. Every job that was completed, I was there and still am to this day.

Our Team
All Our Crews Are Experienced
and Professional

The team here at SJ Masonry completes each job in the most cost effective and time efficient way. Our goal is not to show up and tell you how you’d like your project done, or try and convince you of what you want. Our goal is to come and listen and do our best to replicate your dreams.

We take pride in a job well done and guarantee the highest quality customer service. We’ll work with you through each phase to ensure your utmost satisfaction.

Our Goal
Our Goal Is To Give You The Best Experience
and Service Possible

The very thing that drives our teams at SJ Masonry is knowing that we have the ability to turn your wildest dreams into your most loved completion.

We’re here to serve you, to offer you the best service, to ensure a smooth completion through every phase, and to build you your dreams. Knowing that you and your family receive years of enjoyment and satisfaction out of our completed projects is what drives us as a company.