Residential & Commercial


We Are a Masonry Contractor in The Lancaster, PA Region

At S J Masonry, we offer you a wide variety of services. We specialize but are not limited to, stone patios, stone walkways, brickwork, and retaining walls. We also customize any project to meet your specific needs. Offering Residential and Commercial services, our team will be with you to the very end of the project, making sure that your dreams become a reality, by providing you with highest quality masonry work.

Deciding to begin a masonry project can at the least be daunting, that's why our long-established team is committed to guide you through the entire process. We're passionate about keeping our customers informed through the entire job duration, giving you all the plans and details we have custom-created for your specific needs. This way we can find the solution that is right for you!



Our primary goal is to make your dreams reality. The anticipation of a completed project, late summer evening spent relaxing on a stone patio, the many footprints that mark brick pavers leading to someone’s home, that’s what defines us as a company. Knowing that our customers are happy with our work, knowing that all those months, years of planning and dreaming can finally become a reality, that’s what makes our job so rewarding.

Upon every job that is completed Sam Lapp ( founder and CEO of S J Masonry) is there to make sure everything is going according to the customer’s expectation. As the only salesman and project manager, Sam makes sure that there are no misunderstandings, or miscommunications between the client and the crew. As a little boy, Sam worked along side his dad in the masonry industry. Later when he began his own company in 2008, he began it driven by the fact that he can fulfill people’s dreams a reality. Knowing at the end of the day that a customer’s idea was just built on his property is what makes Sam and his 11 employees so passionate about every job they complete.