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Excavating, Demolition, and Land Clearing Services

Whether you’re looking to expand your backyard, add a swimming pool, or even build a new house, SJ Masonry is your excavation and demolition contractor of choice. We have been servicing residential customers in Lancaster, Delaware, Chester, and Montgomery counties since 2008 and are one of the top local contractors in southeast Pennsylvania.

Excavating Services in Lancaster, Delaware, Chester, and Montgomery counties

excavating services

Our experienced team of professionals can help you with all your residential excavation needs. With years of experience excavating for construction and improvement projects, our contractors will ensure that your project is completed to the highest standard and that you receive the best service from start to finish.

Our excavating services include the following:

We know that excavation can be daunting, which is why we work with you to understand your specific needs before starting any excavation project. Our contractors utilize the most up-to-date equipment available and make sure that your project is up to code with local regulations.

Demolition Services in Lancaster, Delaware, Chester, and Montgomery counties

demolition services

SJ Masonry will help you get a fresh start for your home. We are a top-rated demolition service provider in southeast Pennsylvania and specialize in the residential demolition of small to mid-size properties.

Our experienced staff performs the complete demolition of a variety of structures, including pools and sheds. We also offer emergency demolition projects when the unexpected strikes – including fire, lighting, and falling debris.

Our demolition services include:

We treat your property like it’s our own and make 100% sure that your demolition project gets done in a complete, safe, and efficient manner.

Land and Lot Clearing in Lancaster, Delaware, Chester, and Montgomery counties

land and lot clearing

We understand that land clearing can be complicated and time-consuming, so SJ Masonry is here to help you get the job done quickly and efficiently.

To prep your property for construction, selling, or personal use, our experienced contractors will thoroughly remove all vegetation, brush, stumps, and rocks — leaving you with completely transformed barren land.

Our lot clearing services include:

Our experts offer the best land clearing services in the area. We use the latest techniques, equipment, safety measures, and environmental regulations to protect your land while doing the most thorough job possible.

Call 717-344-5360 or complete our contact form to find out why we’re the top excavation, demolition, and land clearing contractor in southeast Pennsylvania. We also offer septic system and water retention system installation.

SJ Masonry services Lancaster, Delaware, Chester, and Montgomery counties.

Why choose SJ Masonry?

No matter how big or small the job, there are several reasons why you should choose SJ Masonry as your excavation contractor:

  • First and foremost, we know how do the job right the first time. Our team of experts has worked with all types of excavation and demolition projects and has combined experience of over 20 years. We make sure your land is cleared thoroughly so it’s ready for building in no time.
  • Second, we are proud to offer our services at competitive rates. We work with you to deliver the best services possible within your budget.
  • Third, we offer a fast turnaround. We know that excavation work is time-sensitive, so our contractors can often start work within just a couple of weeks of quote approval– whereas many other contractors take months to begin a project.
  • We also make the safety of both our clients and workers top priority. Our SJ Masonry staff reviews and follows local zoning regulations and uses the safest and most effective equipment and procedures.